K-1 is rapidly becoming the format of choice for both fans and fighters of a ‘stand-up’ nature and the brand has captured the imagination Worldwide with its dynamic action, punishing elimination tournament format and global superstars, men such as Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky. Pain & Glory 07 featured an officially sanctioned K-1 8 man elimination tournament and the event was widely regarded as the best stand-up show the UK has produced in terms of raw excitement and overall technical quality. In any fight-sport, however, it is the Heavyweights who really get the juices flowing, the big-hitters who are either one punch or kick away from a devastating knockout and depending upon whether it is you or your opponent who is landing the shot, one shot away from pain or glory. Two men who are willing to trade in the pain for their shot at K-1 glory are Dillian White and Leon Walters, who both won fights on Pain & Glory 07 and who have both set their sights on firmly establishing themselves in the wider K-1 arena.


Kimbo Slice

To anyone who hasn’t heard the news; Kimbo Slice, the street-fighting hero of the YouTube generation, and the great hope to Elite XC’s fortunes around the world had his ass KO’d in under 20seconds in his latest prime time televised bout. 14 seconds was all it took for Seth Petruzelli, a first round Ultimate Fighter loser and middle ranking fighter to knock Kimbo out.
Controversy has dogged this fight from start to finish; Kimbo was initially scheduled to compete with Ken Shamrock. Shamrock was forced to pull out of the fight less than three hours before its scheduled broadcast time, throwing the whole production upside down. Petruzelli was a last minute stand in; the TV network couldn’t lose a slice of Kimbo, after all that promo hype! To cut the story short, Petruzelli KO’s Kimbo then tells the media that he was paid by the promoters to keep the fight standing and not fight Slice on the ground. Of course, Elite XC denied this charge vehemently, but Pandora’s Box was already open.